A Place for Us to Start Our Married Lives

My fiance and I are getting married in less than a year, so we decided to start looking around for where we will live. Right now, I still live with my parents, and he lives on his own close to where he works. I have been to his condo many times, but I do not want to live there. It is just too small for the two of us, plus it is not in the best section of town. I started looking at new developments, and that is how I found out about the Treasure at Tampines condo development taking place right now.

The development just started not long ago, so the timeframe is perfect for the two of us. If by some chance they are not done when we get married, then we will just stay at his place until it is ready. I do think that they will have it ready in time though, so I am not worried. It is in a very safe area, which is huge for both of us. Even though it is safer for men in general, even my fiance does not want to always have to be so cautious and alert.

Living at Treasure at Tampines means that we will both be close to where we work, and there are so many things to do in the immediate area too. There are parks close by, and there are so many shops and places to eat. We will be close to both of our families too, which is really important for us. There are only positives about living here, and I honestly cannot wait to start my married life living here. We are going to get at least a three bedroom unit because we both want to start a family within a couple of years after we are married too. Life really is looking so good for us!

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